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8 of the Most Common Types of Meditation


More and more everyday, people are coming to realize the affects that meditation can yield on our mind, body, and soul. Meditative practices have been around for the better part of human history and are now enjoying a resurgence in… Read More

9 Techniques to Achieve Deeper Meditation


  When you are somewhat experienced in the practice of meditation and can go in and out of the trance with relative ease, you may start pursuing a deeper, more fulfilling meditative experience. Nothing else can provide the sense of peace… Read More

6 Steps to Mindfulness Through Meditation

Sunlight on the Mountain

  Meditation is a action in which an person trains the mind to be induced to a state of relaxed consciousness to gain some benefit or as and end in itself. Meditation has been used since antiquity and is a… Read More


I hear so many questions from beginners questioning their ability to meditate. “I’d like to meditate but can’t seem to turn my mind off.” “I know there are so many benefits of meditation. But where do I begin?” “I’m no… Read More


We all have times when motivation is lacking. Contemplating the benefits of meditation can often give us the little bit of encouragement we need to get our bum on the cushion. This article looks at five of the most researched, most… Read More

10 Enlightening Books About Science & Spirituality


Over the last three or four decades, there has been a blossoming of discussion about the confluence of science and spirituality. As a society, we believe in the efficacy of a world-view sustained empirical research but are also experiencing a deep spiritual… Read More

5 Common Problems Experienced in Meditation


Whether you're a beginning or an experienced meditator, you will inevitably come up against problems. It's in the overcoming of these hurdles that meditation presents an opportunity for growth. One that can have life-changing effects.