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Guided Meditation: Two Minute Body Scan


We’re starting a series of short guided meditations on our new Youtube channel.  Since the blog is aimed at busy people, the idea is to help you quickly get a little bit of relaxation in without taking up more than… Read More

Short Moments Many Times: Meditation for Busy People


“One of my Tibetan meditation teachers counselled, “Short moments many times,” as a way to make progress in meditation.” ~ Sharon Salzberg In a rush? Read the summary.  We have at our disposal tools for creating exceptional mental health. Countless such techniques… Read More


The lure of the quick-fix never really disappears. We know that the get-quick-rich scheme or the weight-loss miracle doesn’t really deliver. But we’re drawn to it (perhaps only slightly) nonetheless. It does leave the interesting question, however, as to whether or not… Read More

Review: Real Happiness At Work by Sharon Salzberg

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My Rating: We all want to enjoy our jobs. Given the amount of time we spend working, this seems like a reasonable wish. According to one study, the figure stands at 99,000 hours during a lifetime. That’s over eleven years. But… Read More

Mindfulness at Your Computer: 3 Strategies

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For those coming to mindfulness for the first time, there is often a sense of uncertainty. For tangible results – calm, productivity, resilience – we want tangible tools. Something as simple as being aware of our breath for three or four minutes… Read More

The Power of “Micro-Meditations”

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“Micro-meditation.” Sounds like one of those hackneyed buzzwords doesn’t it? With its broader acceptance in western culture, meditation is often touted as a cure-all. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, drug-addiction, poor concentration…all eliminated with ten minutes a day. This attitude, however, may… Read More

A Simple Deep Breathing Exercise

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“He who controls the breath controls life.” Buddhadasa “Counting” or “sama vritti” has to be one of the simplest breath-based exercises. It’s also one of the most practical. You can use it to ease anxiety and stress, heighten your mood… Read More