Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program Review: Results & Breakdown

We all know what a superhero’s body typically looks like, and we all know the characters in the comics usually have some genetic mutation that helps them achieve their super abilities and strength.

That sort of thing isn’t going to happen in real life, but it is possible to come close when it comes to your body.

If you look at the physique of the actors and actresses who play superheroes in movies, you can see they put in a lot of work to achieve that superhero look.

They work hard to meet those goals, and with the Kinobody Superhero Bulking program, you have the opportunity to do the same.

Greg O’Gallagher from Kinobody has developed a weight training program created for those who want a superhero body.

Studies have shown strength training a few days a week is a more optimal way to build muscle and avoid muscle fatigue and injuries.

The Superhero Bulking program was designed to build muscle through various strength training exercises three days a week, giving your body the much-needed rest for recovery.

In this review, you will get all the information on the system and learn how you can receive a 20$ discount on the Superhero Bulking Program.

What Are the Results of the Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program?

Kinobody has a great reputation for having engaging, challenging, and effective programs that have proven results. The superhero bulking program is no different.

If you follow the plan and stay on track, you will see changes in your body and reach your superhero goals.

Is the Program Hard?

Being that the workouts are scheduled for only three days a week, you can expect intense workouts with plenty of time for recovery.

This makes it where you don’t feel overwhelmed or experience muscle fatigue and weakness. Following the nutrition plan for the optimal fuel that your body needs will also aid in the effectiveness of this program.

Is the Superhero Bulking Program Worth the Money?

Yes, I think that the Superhero Bulking is worth it. This program includes multiple variations of workouts with bonuses and a lot of informative content that will keep you up-to-date and educated on your plan. There is also a refund policy if you are not satisfied with your results.

What’s Included in the Superhero Bulking Program?

  • Introduction and methodology of the Kinobody Superhero course, including information on how it is different than traditional weight training or bodybuilding tactics
  • Immediate access to a valuable members-only support forum
  • An in-depth explanation of the two key workout methods: Rest Pause and Reverse Pyramid
  • The complete workout regimen which includes: four different rotating three-day splits focusing on muscle confusion
  • Complete video walkthroughs of all exercises
  • Nutrition information and diet plans
  • Bonus content

Getting Access to the Program

Kinobody programs are delivered through a course hosting platform called Teachable, an online training program. The program includes several modules you work through similar to an online college class.

The program is clearly written out unlike many digital videos and DVDs and is an interactive way to move through the program step by step.


The Program Focuses on Muscle Confusion:

This allows for different workouts that rotate every eight reps to allow better muscle development. Research shows that changing your workout routine frequently can enhance performance and strength for better results.

This also helps with keeping your routine fresh and not boring. The program first starts with targeting your back and chest, then moves to shoulders and lastly, your arms. Then returning with an even split to ensure you are targeting those specific muscle groups.

Kinobody Superhero Program Has an Extensive Leg Program:

With complaints of other programs not having enough focus on the leg muscles, this program is the exception. On a scheduled leg day, this program has 3-4 leg exercises that will make sure to hit all those important leg muscles.

The Program Includes Cardio Sessions to Improve Overall Conditioning While Still Gaining Muscle Mass:

Studies state that a mix of cardio and strength training together is vital to a complete fitness routine. Cardio exercises will aid in mobility and improve athletic ability and endurance which goes hand-in-hand with strength training.

The Program Includes a Lot of Extra Material:

There are bonus exercises if you want more challenging workouts or want to focus more on certain muscle groups. There are spreadsheets available to record and track your progress.

It also includes workout modifications based on the “Thor” physique to achieve true superhero status. Nutritional and educational information is also available, with a lot of bonus content.


As Mentioned in Other Reviews, the Video Quality Is Subpar:

Some of the demonstrations are lacking and do not match with the videos. Some movements appear in different orders of the split which could pose some confusion.

However, it should be noted that the creator of the program Greg has mentioned on social media that they are re-filming and adding more content to many of their programs.

The Nutritional Plans Could Be More Comprehensive:

The diet plan that is included in the program is pretty basic which contains information like a calorie intake needs with a sufficient mix of daily macronutrients and protein.

Which is pretty basic information and could be more detailed and involved. There is some straightforward information on intermittent fasting, but it still could use some more details.

Having more options on troubleshooting your diet if you are struggling to gain muscle or gaining too fast would be a nice bonus.

To recap, the Kinobody Superhero Bulking program is designed to give the person larger and more defined muscles, boost endurance, and give you a superhero physique.

The specialized program consists of a 3-day a week plan with split days and bonus workouts. The routine rotates every eight weeks to ensure all major muscle groups are targeted and to prevent stale or boring workouts.

Cardio workouts are included to make sure you receive full body exercise that blends nicely with strength training. There is a lot of bonus material and information to give you the resources to track your progress.

The program works like a typical online educational course with an easy to use interface, unlike other digital programs.

The Verdict

Just as with other Kinobody programs, the Superhero Bulking system can give you results. This program will give you more muscle mass and a leaner physique if followed properly.

Looking past the video quality, this program has a lot of information and muscle building hacks that will undoubtedly help you reach your superhero goals.

This program is excellent for making a plan and following through so you can meet all of your fitness needs.

Are You Ready to Try Superhero Bulking? Or, If You’re Interested in Other Kinobody Systems, Here’s How to Receive a $20 Discount!

  • Use this link to complete the physique builder questionnaire and work through the questionnaire. Start by entering your age and gender.
  • Under the word “condition,” choose the best description of your current fitness level. For example, “I have low levels of body fat, I can see my abs, and I want to build muscle to look fantastic!”
  • Under “Goal,” choose “Do you want to focus on maximizing lean muscle growth for the Superhero Physique? Think: big, full, well-developed muscles with great proportions like Henry Cavil in Superman or Chris Hemsworth in Thor” on the very next page you will receive a one-day-only $20 discount

About Kinobody

Founded by Greg O’Gallager who even as a small child always wanted strong and powerful muscles and has worked his entire life to achieve just that.

Within the last 5 years, Greg’s vision is to be one of the largest fitness influencers in the world and at just 24 years old, Greg has reached this goal to become a major figure in the fitness industry and has developed Kinobody to help transform your body.

Greg believes that fitness is a metaphor for life and that you can master your training and nutrition to become stronger, leaner and more confident than ever.

Greg was frustrated with the fact that to build an incredible body traditionally meant, spending countless hours in a gym, enduring extremely strict diets, and pretty much no personal life outside of fitness.

The development of Kinobody was to blend fitness into your own personal lifestyle. You can still achieve your goals and become stronger and leaner but without the sacrifice of your personal life.

Kinobody was developed from:

  • Personal experience
  • Researching medical books and other fitness-related material
  • Learning from multiple experts in the fitness world
  • A lot of trial and error

Kinobody programs are a nice blend of definition, proportion, and mass. With the proper nutrition to keep body fat low and add muscle strategically. The goals being to be strong, fit, and capable with the added bonus of an amazing physique.

There is a strong emphasis that you do not let your training and nutrition overtake your life. Fitness is to enhance your life, not consume it. Kinobody programs are usually 2-3 day sessions with little amounts of equipment for you to be able to reach your goals and live your life to the fullest.

Kinobody programs include:

Note: Always check with a medical professional before starting any workout or nutritional program. Making sure that your body is in optimal health to start any workout regimen is important to avoid injuries or other medical issues.

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