We Tried the Liforme Yoga Mat (Here’s Our Review of the Pros and Cons)

My wife was searching for a new yoga mat recently.

She’s part of a yoga class that happens three times a week at our local YMCA, and the practice has taken a toll on her old Lululemon yoga mat.

To help her out, I had done some research on various mats, specifically ones designed for hot yoga.

Based on my findings, I advised her to try the Liforme yoga mat.

She did, and she took it for a spin in a pretty intense hot yoga class. From her experience working with the mat, we can tell you what we found.

In a nutshell, the Liforme yoga mat is spectacular compared to some of the cheaper yoga mats that we’ve owned.

One of the things that made it work so well for her is the rock-solid grip which withstood hot, sweaty, and humid conditions. The guiding lines have also helped in improving focus and foot placement during practice.

However, the mat is a bit heavy—couple it with the closed bag, and it can be a bit of a hassle to carry it around.

Regardless, we have fallen in love with this mat, and we would highly recommend it to fellow yogis.

Let’s look at the details that make this mat work so well.

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What Makes the Liforme Yoga Mat so Unique?

Hands down, the alignment lines are a helpful, unique feature of this yoga mat. These are perhaps the most outstanding selling point for this mat.

Liforme mats have what they call “Align For Me System,” which are guides (i.e., lines) etched on the mat’s padding. The goal is to make hand and foot placement easier during your yoga asana practice.

The lines are carefully drawn to help you improve your yoga technique and provide more straightforward navigation of the mat.

What this does is build a solid foundation for yogis to practice with intention.

The lines on the mat are placed as follows:

  • There are end-to-end lines that help ensure that you have even body alignment lengthwise
  • Reverse points provide additional lengthwise support
  • The lotus center for balance guidance
  • 45-degree lines to guide heel alignment
  • A central line to aid in width-wise alignment

Here are some other features that the mat has to offer:

Extra Strong Warrior-Like Grip:

There are lots of reviews online about this yoga mat. People rave about the non-slip texture and the mat’s grip during sweaty sessions. Since this mat is a bit heavy, check out this article if you’re looking for a lightweight high grip yoga mat.


This mat is a bit larger than most yoga mats; it’s a bit longer and wider than standard mats. Combine that extra space with the alignment lines, and you have plenty of space to practice yoga.

Environmentally Friendly:

Liforme yoga mats are PVC free. The creators claim that in a landfill, the mat will naturally biodegrade in less than five years.

What Are the Dimensions of the Liforme Yoga Mat?

The mat is certainly a bit larger than standard yoga mats. It is 72.8 inches long and 26.8 inches wide, a safe 2 to 4 inches more than standard sizes, typically around of 68 inches by 24 inches.

So, it’s not significantly larger than standard sizes, but it feels like it is. It provides a good amount of space, especially for taller yogis that may need more room for practice.

In thickness, it measures up to .16 inches, much thinner than my wife’s old yoga mat, but it could be worse. It weighs 5.51 pounds. It’s solid, but not bulky.

No Money-Back Guarantee or Warranty

Liforme doesn’t currently offer a lifetime guarantee or an official warranty. However, the returns policy allows you to return the yoga mat within 14 days if you’re not happy with the purchase.

But in terms of a guarantee on replacement due to damages that happen over time, there wasn’t clear information.

The good news is that Liforme’s customer service is exceptional. It’s likely that if you have a problem with your mat, you can reach out and they’d be able to help.

How to Clean Liforme Yoga Mats (Cleaning Instructions)

For us, this was the biggest question we had given the nature of my wife’s yoga practice (i.e., sweaty hot yoga), and we have experience with how dirty yoga mats can get if they are not cleaned correctly.

The instructions that came with the yoga mat prescribe the following:

Unroll your mat and let it dry thoroughly after class, before putting it back into the bag. Do a thorough wipe down every 5 to 10 days using soap, lemon juice or white vinegar that’s diluted with water.

Allow the mat to dry completely after cleaning it. Avoid leaving the mat in the sun. Keep it rolled and stored in a safe place if it’s not being used.

Avoid using the mat while wearing heavy lotions, body creams, oils or other skin products that can stain the mat.

Follow these basic tips, and your yoga mat will remain pretty clean.

How Did It Hold up in Yoga Class?

We tried this mat out during a couple of hot yoga classes. My wife being the yogi of the family had a lot of opinions about her experience.


The grip, according to her, was a game-changer. She liked the fact that she could maintain her grip and the mat would stay put even in 95-degree heat and plenty of sweat.

Liforme was careful to create this feature, and they call it the “warrior-like” grip.

Compared to her old mat, poses such as side planks were tricky as the mat would slip and slide, but with the Liforme, she has better grip, and her posture is improving drastically.

Not only is the top side grippy, but so is the bottom. This is great in allowing yogis to stay firm and planted with ease.


The comfort is fair. The thickness is not as thick as some cheaper yoga mats we’ve owned, but it still feels like you’re practicing on a mat, not the floor.

Cushioning and firmness of the mat work together well to provide comfort that is just right.


In terms of style options, the mat comes in green, blue, black or pink. We preferred pink because my wife is obsessed with it.

The guiding lines can cramp other people’s style because of the way they look, but they are incredibly functional in practice.

The lines have been instrumental in improving my wife’s posture, helping her be more intentional and focused on where she places her feet, hands, and the alignment of other limbs.

With the lines, you have a sure guide in creating consistent poses.


The mat currently has a new mat smell, so it’s nothing really special. It is not a strong odor, and it isn’t worse than other mats.

My wife didn’t seem bothered by the new mat smell, even in poses where her face was close to the mat.

Others may be offended by the smell, but we don’t think it’s a big deal. You can let the mat air out before you use it to reduce the new smell.

What We Really Like

We liked several features of the Liforme yoga mat.

The Grip

The grip was a highlight. I took the liberty to try it out myself, and I can attest to the strength of the yoga mat. Nothing moves. It feels like it’s just you and your body.

You probably have had run-ins with yoga mats that didn’t allow you to plant yourself firmly for some yoga poses and you were slipping and sliding instead of focusing.

Liforme takes care of that problem for you.

Align For Me System

Some people report that the lines distract them from practice. I can understand how this can be the case for advanced yogis because they’ve developed a strong foundation for their alignment.

However, for new yogis, this guidance on foot spacing and hand placement can be a game changer in your alignment.

I can confidently say that the alignment lines are beneficial and they’re a unique feature found only on the Liforme mats.

We think it’s a comprehensive, well-designed product. Not a lot of add ons and features to make it distracting, but just enough to enrich a normal yoga experience.

The strong grip that locks the mat to the floor gives way to a great sturdy surface. If you’ve been a victim of slips and slides during practice, you know how helpful a strong grip can be.

With Liforme, you have room to flow and meditate.

What We Really Don’t Like

There’s really not much that we didn’t like, but there are some things some people may find challenging.

This Is an Expensive Yoga Mat

The Liforme mat does cost a bit more than standard mats, but it’s not the most expensive may on the market.

When you look at the value you are getting for your money, the quality speaks for itself. However, we know that it’s probably not in everyone’s budget to afford this yoga mat.

The Bag

The bag that comes with the mat isn’t the most charming or easy to carry. It’s a bit of a hassle given its awkward size.

It’s also quite difficult to roll up a sweaty mat and put it back into the bag. We purchased yoga mat straps that will allow the mat to air out even when in commute from practice.

The Size

Given that it is larger than most standard sized mats, it weighs more as well. It isn’t such a drawback, but if you’re used to lightweight mats, you’re likely to think that this mat is heavy.

This is great for tall yogis, but might be too big for shorter yogis.

Some Final Considerations

We’re very happy with this yoga mat. The impressive grip makes it a great choice for hot yoga.

The alignment lines, although distracting for some, are extremely helpful in creating better posture during practice.

The mat is made of high-quality plant-friendly material that’s made to last without damaging the environment, it’s really hard to beat this one.

This is the best yoga mat that we’ve ever owned. We recommend trying this one this if you’re in the market for a new yoga mat.

The only thing left if to check out the current prices and reviews on Amazon. Trust us. The reviews are simply phenomenal.

Use this article to understand the benefits of using the Liforme yoga mat. The article discusses the align for me system, DIY cleaning recipe, the usefulness and flexibility of the guides for new yogis and much more. This is the best yoga mat we've ever owned and it's helped improve my wife's fitness level, strength, and motivation to practice tougher yoga asanas and poses during her workout. It's a healthy addition to our yoga practice and critical to our fitness life. Namaste. #liforme #review

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