Meditation Shawls: Seven Beautiful Picks

Meditation Shawl

Meditation should be a joyous, uplifting experience. It should signify a calm space in our life, one where day-to-day turmoils cannot enter. We can heighten this feeling by treating ourselves to some simple accessories: a good meditation cushion, a timer and, perhaps, a well-made shawl. It just goes to make our five or ten minute period that much more enticing.

Here’s a selection of five wonderful shawls for you to have a look at. Most are made in Eastern countries (usually in India) and I’ve included a short description underneath the table. I’ve picked them for their designs and the quality of the material.

A meditation shawl is simply a blanket that you can drape around yourself. It might not seem like it, but it really can make you feel more comfortable. Generally speaking, you want a shawl that is at least 100cm (40 inches) by 200cm. The word “pashmina” refers to a very fine and soft cashmere wool made in India.

Meditation Shawls: Best Picks

Quick Reviews

Lady’s Cashmere Shawl

This is an intricately-designed shawl made in Kashmir, India. It comes in a variety of colors and is a good size at 80in by 40in. It’s a “Jamawar,” which is a type of ancient Indian hand-woven Indian shawl. Great to use as in meditation or as a fashion accessory.

Hand-made Wool Shawl for Men

A thick wool shawl that’s been handmade in the Kutchh region of western India. At 88in by 44in it’s fairly large and suitable for men. It’s a wonderfully authentic piece that goes through lots of different stages during the manufacturing process (the Meghwal weavers, the Khatri dyers, and the Rabari embroider).

Alpaca Wool Shawl

Another great little pick, and very well-priced considering the quality. It measures just over 30in by 90in. It’s made from very soft baby alpaca wool in Ecuador.

Pashmina Shawl

At under $10 this is a very nice buy. 28in by 70in and in a very wide variety of colors. This is the best option if you want something cheap that also looks and feels great.

Tartan Blanket

The simple option! At $25.00 you can’t really go wrong with this tartan blanket. It’s wonderfully soft and big enough (50in by 60in) to wrap yourself up completely during meditation.

Ziji 100% Wool Shawl

Hand-crafted in Dharamsala in India, this shawl is made from pure wool. Excellent for use in meditation. Lovely color too. This is the kind of shawl that you find piled up in retreat centers.

Om Gayatri Shawl

28in by 78in. This cotton shawl (with a silky feel) features the Om symbol and the Gayatri mantra (a very widely-recited Vedic mantra). It’s very well-priced and a good choice if you want something with a “spiritual feel” but don’t want to pay a huge amount.

A Final Note

If you liked this short selection why not also have a look at our selection of meditation cushions and best incense.

Also, if you’ve bought a good shawl that you use for meditation please do drop me a line.

Image credit: Meditation by Paco Flores

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