Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Right Spiritual Guru for You

I hear so many questions from beginners questioning their ability to meditate.

“I’d like to meditate but can’t seem to turn my mind off.”

“I know there are so many benefits of meditation. But where do I begin?”

“I’m no spiritual guru. Can I really meditate?”

“When do I get to levitate?”

Okay, maybe the last one isn’t exactly a beginner’s question. But so often beginners in meditation are intimidated and wonder where to begin.

While there are many books on the subject, starting out can seem daunting. Many are just looking for advice, tips, and tricks regarding meditation.

Simply put, they are looking for a guide. They are looking for a spiritual guru.

Are you one of these beginners in meditation looking for a spiritual guru?

Let’s help you find one.

How Do I Find My Spiritual Guru?

Zen Master Dogen wrote: “Look for Buddha outside your own mind, and Buddha becomes the devil”

Maybe the best start to finding a spiritual guru is in understanding what exactly a spiritual guru is.

What is a Spiritual Guru?

A guru is someone who is a teacher, guide, expert, or master of certain knowledge or field.

Unfortunately, there is a world of misunderstanding about spiritual gurus and their place in meditation practice and training. A certain amount of caution is wise.

At worst, a spiritual guru can be a charlatan or fake. A spiritual guru can be one using manipulation and trickery to obtain gifts and wealth from their unsuspecting students.

At best, a spiritual guru can deliver the student toward enlightenment and peace.

While there may be questions about the motives of some teachers, there can be no doubt that human history has been changed by the work of many gifted meditation teachers.

Who Are Famous Meditation Gurus?

As you already know, there is no shortage of teachers when beginning a meditation practice. Techniques and processes vary in styles as much as the personalities of the teachers who perfected them.

Here’s  a cross-section of six spiritual gurus who have helped millions to achieve peace, enlightenment, and personal power:

1. Ram Dass

American spiritual teacher Ram Dass continues to teach around the world and continues to inspire many with his meditation teachings and practice.

He famously said:

“The cosmic humor is that if you desire to move mountains and you continue to purify yourself, ultimately you will arrive at the place where you are able to move mountains.”

Spiritual guru fact: Apple mastermind Steve Jobs swore by the book Be Here Now by Ram Dass.

You can see other spiritual books the mind behind the iPhone credited with his success here.

In fact, some Buddhists believe Steve Jobs has been reincarnated as a “celestial warrior-philosopher.

Maybe Mr. Jobs will make the list as a spiritual guru himself in the future.

2. Buddha

Born hundreds of years before Christ, many recognize the Buddha immediately as a master of meditation and a teacher of spiritual principles.

A true spiritual guru, the Buddha is quoted as saying:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

Centering our minds in peace is one of the many fruits of a regular meditation practice. World leaders, famous athletes, and beginners of all ages have turned to the Buddha’s teachings as a great place to begin.

3. Jesus

While some debate the place of meditation versus prayer within the Christian faith there is no doubt Jesus was a spiritual master of unparalleled power and inspiration.

Many Christians, and people of all faiths, practice meditation by reciting The Saint Francis Prayer over and over again, searching for its inner meaning.

As with many spiritual masters, Jesus preached finding the strength and power to live the fullest life inside ourselves through introspection:

“The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

4. Eckhart Tolle

Tolle, another contemporary teacher, proves once again that a beginner can find their spiritual guru right now, today.

A teacher of change, and the fundamental benefits of meditation for daily life, Tolle says:

“If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction.”

Finding a great spiritual guru can help one change for the better.

5. Rumi

If you’re reading this on the internet, you’ve heard of Rumi.

Rumi, the famous Sufi mystic, has inspired generations with his poetry and meditations.

The book, A Year With Rumi: Daily Readings would give any beginner enough fuel for a meditative life to begin blooming.

6. Dalai Lama

Feel discouraged? Getting overwhelmed?

Do you wonder with all these teachers, and all these spiritual gurus, if you will ever find a place to begin? Will it always be so difficult to meditate and to understand how best to meditate?

How about some inspiration on meditation from a living spiritual guru, the Dalai Lama himself:

“After doing daily for 60 years, it is still hard,” he says.

Of course, there are no shortages of contemporary meditation spiritual gurus one can follow the teachings of. Some of them even changed the history of meditation in the western world.

Which Spiritual Guru Do I Choose?

The answer, as with all spiritual journeys, is inside of you.

As our friend Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz came to realize, the power was right with her the entire time.

While there are hundreds of teachers, countless spiritual gurus, and numerous books and techniques, one thing is for certain:

You can begin, right where you are, at any time.

Just close your eyes and breathe.

What’s more: Following one spiritual guru doesn’t mean you are stuck with a single technique.

Experiment, keep searching, and find a spiritual guru who is right for you.

And then find another one. The greatest teachers have taught us that the joy is in the journey itself.

Just close your eyes and breathe.

Purchasing meditation balls, incense, music, and shawls have helped many to achieve a meditative state when beginning meditation, or when moving toward more advanced techniques.

In addition, a meditation retreat may help beginners get closer to the teachings of a certain spiritual guru or meditation discipline.

Visit our Quick Guide for getting started, and shop related products to make your journey even richer! Happy meditating!

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