White Light Meditation: Guided Meditation with the Power of Light

White Light Meditation

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White light meditation is a popular little practice. You can use it almost anywhere to lift your mood. If you’ve got a few moments free throughout the day, I highly recommend learning this practice to fill some of them with.

Visualization meditations have a prominent place in most of the world’s contemplative traditions. Many religious teachers have realized the effectiveness of using “thought-objects” as a means of achieving deeper experiences.

Benefits of White Light Meditation

Technique #1

  1. The practice is best done seated.
  2. Take a handful of deep, calming breaths. Let each exhalation be a “letting go” of any bodily tension.
  3. Imagine a small point of white light at your solar plexus (about two inches above your navel). It represents pure, rejuvenating energy.
  4. At a pace that suits you, imagine the light gently expanding with each inhalation, grow brighter as it does so.
  5. Continue until the light fills your whole body. Then allow it to expand beyond the borders of your body to emanate out in all directions.
  6. Dwell in the presence of this healing light for as long as you wish
  7. If you have been feeling particularly strained, you may wish to visualize the light clearing away these negative feelings in your body.

Technique #2

  1. This practice can be done either lying down or sitting.
  2. On your next inhalation, imagine that a gentle stream of white light is flowing into the base of your spine, following it’s path up your back and into and out of the top of your head.
  3. On the exhalation imagine this white light beginning at your head, down your spine, and out of your body at the base.
  4. Visualize it as cleaning the body of any impurities (negative thoughts and emotions) as it flows up and down.
  5. You may wish to simply focus on the sensations instead of visualizing white light. Either approach is good.


  • If you struggle to visualize the light, or don’t find it particularly enjoyable, then you can replace it with a sense of the feelings in your body. Can you experience a growing feeling of warmth or compassion, originating at the same point as the white light?
  • Remember, as best you can, to adopt a playful attitude. If you struggle to focus on both your breathing and the visualization don’t try and force yourself to “get it right.” You can forget about your breathing and just imagine the blossoming white light.
  • You can replace the colour with another if that’s your preference. Perhaps golden or indigo light, or a soft shade of calming blue.

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