Yoga Props, Supplies, and Resources for Beginners

As an avid yoga practitioner and lover, I can attest to the fact that yoga is not just a mere workout.

In many regards, it is a lifestyle.

As such, any yoga gift is more than welcome; it is loved and appreciated. So, in case you are having a hard time deciding on what to gift your friend or a loved one who loves yoga, herein we will explore some of the golden yoga gift ideas.

They range from accessories to yoga apparel. Nonetheless, you can be sure that the recipient will love it regardless of whether he or she is a yoga devotee or novice.

Some of the items are designed to make it easier for the recipient to get to a yoga class while other items are designed to make a yoga class fun and fulfilling. Other items still will make the gift recipient comfortable and stylish while doing yoga poses.

This year is the time to turn up your gifting game. Give your beloved yogi a gift that is truly meaningful instead of the typical pair gripping socks and or a gift card.

Make your gift more personal by showing you have put in the time and effort to think about the gift you are about to give.

1. YogaAccessories Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolster is a cushion used with restorative yoga practices. Firm and supportive, it provides the support needed for tricky poses.

These props work until you can do more difficult moves without its help. It makes a great gift to show anyone starting a meditation practice, Pilates, or yoga journey that you support them.

2. REEHUT Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are like bolsters and make nice gifts to show someone that you support their training.

These blocks help to improve a person’s flexibility and their execution of poses at different levels of difficulty.

They are light and easy to take wherever you go so you can use them in the yoga studio or bring them home and use them there.

3. Seat Of Your Soul Buckwheat Hull Filled Yoga Meditation Cushion

These colorful cushions are versatile. Even those who are not into the meditation or yoga scene can appreciate and use them.

They work for focused meditations but are also ideal for watching sports, eating meals or just relaxing. Read our review of the best meditation cushion.

4. Premium Healing Crystals Gift Kit in Wooden Box

This is the perfect healing kit for gift giving. It is perfect for those who are involved in chakra meditation or reiki healings.

People who enjoy collecting natural crystals and stones will also appreciate the kit.

The kit includes quartz crystals, selenite, amethyst, and others. As a group, they promote greater balance, attention, focus, energy, and relaxation.

5. Nature Is Gift Turkish Meditation Blanket

This is a Peshtemal blanket measuring approximately 78 by 98 inches. It pleases those who have a meditation practice, but it is also enjoyed by people who love items that enhance interior décor, or who love yoga, the beach and the like.

It is used for meditation but it also works in a variety of other ways. Transform a room’s look and feel by draping it over a bed or a sofa. It will easily transition to make a great camping or beach blanket!

6. Zen Posture Mayu Meditation Seat

Your travel-bound friends who enjoy meditating are going to need one of these! Order one for them so that they can meditate any time they are on-the-go.

This seat is fully adjustable. It will match a user’s position and any of their movements while providing firm support for them.

It is lightweight, and it is collapsible to fit in any suitcase.

7. ProSource Acupressure Mat Pillow Set

This acupressure mat and cervical pillow will make a loved one want to join you in yoga or meditation.

The set has the benefit of providing improved sleep, pain relief, and increased energy levels. If these don’t convince your loved one to get into yoga or meditation, what will?

8. PWMEN Turquoise Healing Buddhist Prayer Mala Beads

Rosewood makes up the deep brown color of these 8mm beads. Wear them and they eliminate negative energy, improve blood flow and strengthen the aura.

Anyone who wishes to take advantage of their power will find this to be a truly thoughtful give. The beads also make a unique fashion statement.

The beads come with a velvet bag to seal in their positive energy. They are both made in India.

Read our article here to learn how to use mala beads.

Also called Japa beads, they’re usually composed of between 18 and 108 beads and used to count the number of mantras recited during a meditation session. Whether or not they’ll be used for their intended purpose, they make a pleasant and inexpensive gift.

9. Sensari Incense and Burner Set

Here is a gift we recommend for someone who needs an introduction to yoga or meditation. Simply produce a flame and enjoy the scents as they purify and rejuvenate the surroundings.

Made by hand with all-natural materials, this item is safe for those who tend to get migraines from synthetic scents.

10. Square36 Large Yoga Meditation Mat

Made of high-quality, durable materials, this mat is excellent at cushioning the body while exercising.

It also makes the ideal gift for the seasoned meditation, yoga or Pilates practitioner.

You can give it to your male or female friends. There are many different colors to select for the meditation mat, so it works for anyone’s tastes.

Be sure and read our article about the best yoga mats and bag sets. We’ve also written helpful articles about the best no-slip yoga mats, yoga mats for hot yoga, the best yoga mats for tall people, the best yoga mats for bad knees, the best yoga mat brands, and yoga mat alternatives.

11. Mindful Games: Sharing Mindfulness and Meditation with Children, Teens, and Families

Do you want to get kids enthusiastic about meditation and its benefits? Start them early and young.

This book can do it for you. With 60 games to stimulate children’s imaginations this book by Susan Kaiser Greenland also helps them manage emotions.

12. YIMER Flameless LED Candles

Do you like relaxing with candles? Do you get so relaxed that you fall asleep with them still burning? Then flameless LED candles are the candles for you.

They are great gifts because they give the same soothing, relaxing effects as real candle flames do, but without the fire hazard or the smoke.

Their flames are also adjustable with the included remote control.

13. Himalayan Glow Crystal Salt Lamp

This lamp is made using salt crystals from the Himalayas. It is guaranteed to increase energy levels and help with productivity.

This lamp is perfect for any family or friends who work in high-stress fields like customer service or sales.

It has negative ions which improve anyone’s environment and their day.

14. AUSTRA Eye Pillow

Eye pillows are ideal when heated or frozen. They offer a great sense of relaxation and healing.

Placed over the eyes, they relieve stress and heal migraines.

They have the added benefit of reducing puffiness and blocking out the light. You will fall asleep faster with one on!

15. JapanBargain Chinese Health Stress Meditation Balls

Meditation balls or Baoding balls make superb little gifts. The theory goes that, when they’re rotated in your hands, they build manual dexterity and restore the flow of chi in your body by stimulating certain “acupressure” points.

They’re an absolute joy to use. You can buy solid balls or ones with a little chime in the middle. For smaller hands, don’t exceed 38mm (1.5-inches) of width.

16. Manduka Journey On To + Fro Yoga Mat Bag

Carrying a mat around on its own or even storing it is a hassle. A yoga mat bag, therefore, comes in handy, especially for people who also go to yoga classes.

The above-recommended bag is among the best yoga mats bags on the market because of its features.

Instead of the typical two straps, the bag encloses the entire mat, thereby protecting the entire bag. It also has a pouch for your keys or any other stuff.

17. CDs & Books

There are hundreds of books out there, so we’ve chosen these three because we think they work especially well as gifts.

They’re not just deeply insightful, but also have a lot of charm too. For more recommendations, visit our article on the best meditation books.

Yoga Girl: Finding Happiness, Cultivating Balance and Living with Your Heart Wide Open

Rachel Brathen is among the most renowned ‘yoga celebrities’ on social media, especially Instagram. Aside from being very inspirational, she is an excellent yoga instructor in Aruba.

Her yoga book explores in great details about her life with healthy diets and yoga poses and sequences.

For the Beginning Meditator:

The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh has a uniquely poetic writing style. He demystifies complex ideas in a way allows us to root them in our own experience.

You can almost sense that the words are being spoken by a voice of true compassion and wisdom. It’s slim (just over 100 pages) and a well-presented book that also includes some illustrations.

For the More Experienced:

Mindfulness with Breathing by Buddhadasa Bhikku

Although Mindfulness with Breathing is subtitled For Serious Beginners, it’s an in-depth look at the sixteen stages of Anapanasati practice, by what could easily have been considered one of the most experienced teachers in the world.

The book itself is beautifully made: everything from the cover image, to the quality of the paper, to the typography itself. It’ll make an excellent addition to any meditator’s bookshelf.

Meditation Music

Meditation CD: Guided Meditations for Busy People by Bodhipaksa

I’m a big fan of the work of Bohipaksa. He’s an experienced Buddhist monk with an uncannily soothing Scottish-accented voice. Both of these qualities combine to make an excellent collection of guided meditations.

If the person you have in mind for this gift suffers from stress or constant busyness, then the simple practices contained on this CD will allow them to instantly experience calmness and connectedness in the midst of their hectic days. See also our article on the best meditation music.

In the OM Zone by Stephen Halpern

In the OM Zone is a wonderfully soothing CD. Each track of “OM” chanting is slightly different and sets the mood perfectly. It can be easily chanted along to or used as a relaxation aid.

Whilst the music is beautiful, you may see that there is a certain intensity to it. If you think the person for whom your buying has a preference for something a touch lighter you may want to go with the choice below.

Click here to see “In the Om Zone” on Amazon.

Singing Bowl Meditation Music by Joseph Feinstein

The recordings on this CD are deeply calming. The sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl have an intensity that affects you on an almost physical level. There’s a lot of “Tibetan Singing Bowls” CDs out there, but (in my humble opinion) this one trumps them all (or at least all the others that I’ve heard).

Click here to see “Singing Bowl Meditation Music” on Amazon.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever struggled to come up with meditation-themed gift ideas for friends and family.

Though there are a lot of accessories out there, there’s not that many essential items (excluding perhaps a cushion and a timer for meditation and a yoga mat for yoga).

So we’ve done some research and come up with a list of potential ideas. It’s quite broad in its scope, covering everything from Baoding balls and meditation shawls to yoga blocks and yoga wheels.

We’ve decided to focus on specific products. That said, if you don’t like one particular design or style then you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a similar one. I hope you enjoyed our selection of meditation and yoga gear.

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So there you have it! A little guide to some excellent meditation-themed gifts. If you have your own suggestions please do get in touch and I’ll include them in this “reader section.”

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